Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When Life attacks...

..knitting on is really the only SENSIBLE thing to do.

I was a bit surprised last night when the measuring tape informed me that I am a scant three inches from having to pay attention to the pattern again - the armhole shaping is coming up fast!

I'm still enjoying this project. It's still a slower knit than many, but I've got the pattern loaded into my short-term memory now, and it moves with reasonable speed.

And the fabric feels lovely. Beautiful stitch definition, awesome drape...as long as I don't fumble the finishing, I think this will be a Class A1 project!

Meanwhile back in my so-called Real Life...Daycare issues! Bill issues! Stalkers on the trains! Work! Parenting! Wife-ing! Cooking and shopping and chores, oh my!!!

AND, if you even THINK about asking, brightly like a happy little bluebird of @&#@ing happiness, "So! All ready for the holidays?" - they will never find your body.

OK! So! Love you all, kisses, hugs, warm fuzzy bunny slippers and all that! 'k! I'm going back to the asylum now...

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