Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The slowest rib

This is the beginning of the VIP Cardigan...which is going to be one of those slow-moving projects. Twisted rib, smocking stitch, twisted seed, fingering yarn, small(ish) needles.

Funny how if you ask me to spend fifteen minutes on my hair or face I'm all "aw, COME ON!!!! It ain't worth it!"...but I look at an extra LIFETIME of twisted this and fine-gauge that for a seriously lovely sweater and, well, THAT'S DIFFERENT.

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Kate said...

Twisted rib should be a four-letter word. I could barely manage a grand total of 32 rnds in various places over 48 stitches on these fingerless gloves I just finished. And I'm *not* one to let knitting get under my skin! ::shudder::