Monday, August 09, 2010

The face of wanna-be evil

Don't tell her I said so, but Boo isn't even close to being sort-of evil. She can barely work up to 'mildly irritating.' But she's trying...note the horns...try to look terrified for her...oooooh, SCARY EEEEEVIL...

(camping is going about as expected...Boo and Captain woke up about 6,000 times wanting to go home last night...I am now on permanent "do nothing but chase Captain Adventure" duty, because whenever anybody ELSE tries it, well, let's just say he a) can move remarkably fast and b) has a fuzzy concept around which groups are "family" and which are just innocent by-campers who would really rather not have a random autistic six year old rummaging through their tent/trailer/cooler) (I know...some people are SO fussy...)

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Louiz said...

Aha, sounds like fun:) Himself keeps talking about going camping. I love reading about *other people* going camping. Actually doing it myself? gives me the screaming heebie geebies.

Science PhD Mom said...

I'll bet you all loved every minute, and you loved that blissful second when you walked in with the last bit of camping stuff and thought, "Ahhhhh, HOME!" Yeah, we don't do camping right now. Just a bit too crazy on the crazy scale for us. Give us a few years for the rest of the amnesia to set in before we sign up to try again.