Friday, August 20, 2010, they really know how to cheer me up...

There are nine watermelon growing in my watermelon patch. Nine! From just two "little" plants.

Yeah, uh...they're...not so little anymore.

watery melons

All that. Two plants.


And nestled here and there...melons.

Big melon

But not everybody is so perky. This sunflower knows exactly how I'm feeling today...


It's not a sunflower. It's an ugh-flower.

(These mammoths do that - their heads get waaaaaay too heavy for their stalks, and they just sort of...keel over. This weekend we'll have to stake up the two that have started doing this. It's hard enough to keep the ants off them as it is, but letting them rest their beautiful big faces right on the fence [a.k.a., Interyard 23, a favorite commute route for insects between destinations] is like opening up a Denny's on I-5 and then being surprised if people stop in wanting food.)

Still feel rotten physically, but a walk around the garden on a quiet Friday afternoon surely does do wonders for my attitude about it. Too bad every office can't come with a big old sunnny-patch garden where people can go grab a cucumber and a fistful of cherry tomatoes right off the vine for their lunch...

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