Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How To Motivate A Mojo-less Knitter

  1. Have a beautiful baby girl.
  2. Keep pictures of beautiful baby on your desk.
  3. Ask knitter to make this hat for beautiful baby girl.
  4. Mission accomplished.

(I am charmed by the quirky smile on this hat's face. I hope I can replicate it.)

(In other Very Important News...due to a Very Annoying Snafu, my lunch plans fell completely apart at the last second today. Irritated, frazzled, with a to-do list of epic proportions and now NO LUNCH, and also hungry, I went to the Specialty's website and ordered a boxed up salad lunch. And threw a cookie into my online cart at the last second, because I am now in a mood, people. Worked a bit more, raced over to grab my bag off the wire shelf, raced back to my desk, reached in for my salad and guess what? My after-thought cookie? Was still hot. And gooey. And marvelous. And I ate it before I ate my salad, shamelessly and having to resist the urge to show everybody around me like a six year old: "Lookit! I haz a warm cookie! mmmm, warm cookie!")

(Funny how much the littlest things can give you the biggest glow sometimes, huh?)


Louiz said...

Cute hat pattern. And I have warm cookie envy now

Another Joan said...

Are you going to get the pattern or make it up? If you get the pattern, will it be in Finnish?? To help with the commute and it not being lace and all, I mean!

Science PhD Mom said...

Very cute! Happy to be (finally) caught up on your blog. Rest assured, yours is far from the only den of chaos in America...holding down the Pacific Northwest station here.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE Specialty's. Which I have probably said before. But I no longer work near one. And that makes me sad.