Sunday, July 11, 2010

Don't panic, dinner's in da Crockpot

Even thoug this does mean there will be food tonight even if I'm still running around like a psycho trying to cram One Last Thing into the weekend, there should perhaps be maybe an...ever-so-slight level of...concern.

This pork loin has been heavily glazed with a new steak/burger sauce recipe. A coworker gave us some beautiful little plums, and as we were eating them on the way home (what? Commuting is a hungry business, y'all) (the kids did not deserve ANY of those delicious little morsels of pure sugary, juicy goodness. They left wet towels all over their floors AND let their brother spread half a ton of beads all over the Den while I was "catching" for my table-saw-using hubby - no plums! Nothing but salted ROCKS for a week!), I thought something like, "I wish I had fifty pounds of these so I could can some for later."

Then one thing led to another and I found this recipe that uses plums, peaches, apples, banana chilies, blahblahblah lots of spices and stuff, and then I went to the farmer's market for what I didn't have and went all "mad chemist" (term here pronouced, "messed with a perfectly good recipe for absolutely no reason") and produced five pints of this glaze/marinade/stuff.

Canned all five, then promptly cracked one open and poured half of it over this pork loin roast.

I have no idea what I've actually created. It's sweet, tart, mildly spicy, a hint garlicky...hopefully, it will be awesome with pork.

We shall see. And until then, hope.

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Fix-it-Woman said... response from you yet on the marinade. You're not all in the hospital with food poisoning, are you?