Friday, January 15, 2010


Ah, Friday! I was beginning to wonder if it would ever come…this has been one of “those” weeks, you know? One of those weeks when I felt like all I did was work, snarl at the family to quit bugging me while I’m working, drop into bed for a few hours spent mostly dreaming about work (ugh), get up and do it all over again.

I was so tired yesterday morning that I was hyper and shaky, and then we went out for lunch which almost by definition means I ate too much (a kid’s meal is usually about the right amount of food for me, so if I get something off the grownup menu it’s probably going to be, like, double what I actually need or want…but I keep eating because it’s there, and then I regret it bitterly later), and then I went into a kind of food-coma and by 1:00 I was on a downward slide toward brain-death.

HOWEVER. By 10:30 yesterday morning, I was already at the Magic 40 Hours. Because it was also that kind of week…which in some ways is better than the kind where all the crazy is originating from home, because my next paycheck is going to be awesome.

I’m starting my day today already at 46.5 hours for the week. Sadly, my group is not one of the groups with a hard-stop when you hit forty hours. Some groups are, which would have meant that at 10:30 yesterday morning I would have been logging off and wandering down to Union Square or something to wait for the husband’s day to be over. But, no. Overtime is perfectly OK in my team.


Still, I’m planning to work easy today – starting late, long lunch, quitting on the early side. Fortunately, the frenzy subsided yesterday, and with Friday being the day the vast majority of us work from home, and Monday being a bank holiday…I don’t really expect things are going to get too crazy on me today.

The Denizens love parental work from home days, too. They get to sleep in just a little bit later, and the out-the-door routine is a lot less frenzied than when we’re trying to make a 6:06 train, and we usually pick them up earlier, too.

This morning, I even had time to make hot cocoa for the kids and put it into travel mugs for them to take in the van. Captain Adventure started to run out to the van (being “first” is really big with him right now), then skidded to a stop yelled, “OH! I forgotted mine cough-fee! I mean, hawt coco-wet! Wha da heck, man?!” and ran back into the house for his mug.

I laughed so hard I almost cried. What the HECK, man?!

And now…it’s 6:59. I’m not planning to log in at work until around 9:00.

Time has been a luxury item for years, but it feels right now like the rarest of treasures. This feeling of two whole hours before I “have” to be anywhere or do anything…it’s almost overwhelming.

…kind of not unlike the number of weeds out in the garden…


Anonymous said...

"Wha da HECK, man!?" *falls over giggling* Thanks, I needed that after a week of work, work, dr appt, work, work, more dr appts, more work, crap, I think I forgot my lunch again, but that's okay 'cause it's almost time for dinner anyway....

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

LOL at CA's commentary! Think he was mirroring parental behavior? :-P

Another Joan said...

"WDH,M?" is about to be my new call sign!! Thanks, Captain Adventure!