Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I think I'm keepin' her

Eldest is home sick today, not because she is actually sick but rather because of the swine flu thing. She was sent home yesterday because of a headache / tummyache combo and is now in quarantine for three days minimum.

I may just keep her longer because guess what (and try to act surprised here): She is turning out to be a first-class dyer.

She wanted to try a handkerchief yesterday. So I gave her one thinking, "C'mon, don't be a grinch, you know YOU woulda been all over this too, I'm pretty sure one lousy kerchief isn't going to break the bank and besides - a dozen or so of these are for us."

Now, all the Denizens love doing art. They're all good at it too, but Eldest has always had some kind of innate grasp of how to take lines, curves and colors and turn them into art-art.

But still...I expected...well, at least a little hesitation. Some misplaced color. Some sign that an ELEVEN YEAR OLD was the artist.

She neatly folded a fan shape, applied the dye and (in the only rookie move all afternoon) immediately unfolded it to reveal a classic tie-dye rainbow.

Without a word, I handed her another one, and she proceeded to make a good DOZEN not merely 'good enough', but creative, interesting and well-balanced kerchiefs.

Then she got bored and wandered off.

This morning, she started hovering as I was getting started. She watched me do a couple socks, then made her move...

"By the way, I finished all my homework."

"Oh. That's good."

"Uh-huh. Sooooooo. I guess I could play on the computer...or I could watch cartoons...orrrrrrr, I COULD maybe do a few socks. While you go do more yarn or something. After all, I'm really good at this, right? "


Yeah, she IS really good at this...and is it wrong that I'm GRATEFUL for a pandemic that has given me an able assistant in my hour of need?!


Louiz said...

Yay for Eldest, and swineflu scare... and how much better that she be being helpful rather than draping around going "I'm booo-rrred" (no idea if Eldest would do that, but vague memories of myself stuck home sick from school suggest that it's a valid way for a child that age to act) and also, wow!

Elizabeth L in Apex, NC said...

You aren't actually happy that people are sick (or that the school is paranoid, even). I think, instead, that you are simply grateful for one of those magic moments when you can stop having to "parent" and just enjoy the heck out of your kid. It satisfies the soul when their efforts mesh yours. Have fun! (And USE IT for all it's worth!!)

Steph B said...

That is great! I love seeing my kids turn into interesting, talented, fun people, with ideas and skills of their own. Encourage Eldest, this could be a family business!