Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ah, mornings in the Den of Chaos...

NORMAL households probably are having coffee and cereal. Maybe they're talking - quietly - amongst themselves about soccer practice, or what to wear.

Here in the Den, well. NATURALLY...everybody is doin' the Macarena.

All four kids, in perfect sync. (Well. Captain Adventure goes a little free-form now and then...actually, right now I think he's doing the Death Spiral Bi-Plane...)

I live such an...interesting...and LOUD life...

(Omg, now Boo Bug is using my broom as a guitar...I'm gonna get a stomach cramp laughin' over here...)


Bullwinkle said...

ahem... I'd go for the macarena, personally.

Yesterday, I cheered when the renovation stressed out kitten used the proper litter box (one of five), the second kitten came down to, uhm, be properly appreciated, and then the dog asked to go out. Because, well, she likes to be good too. The man of the house then commented that I didn't need to cheer for him. He was o.k. on his own.

That was my morning.

But it was quiet.

Steph B said...

Gotta love it! Did you get it on video?

Rena said...

that's my kind of morning! :-)