Thursday, May 14, 2009

It’s a very BRIGHT sock, isn’t it…

I had been pondering what to do with my skein of Lorikeet. Torn, really. On the one hand, I wanted to do something “interesting,” pattern-wise. On the other hand, I also wanted to see what the yarn looked like when knit kind of plain.

And then Bells showed off her sexy Blackrose socks, and after I got done saying, “Wow, those surely are sexy!” I thought…hey!

Because the Blackrose pattern is both interesting and plain. And there’s a pattern for wrist warmers, too…I have high hopes that the skein will actually be large enough to do both socks and a pair of wrist warmers.

Because, see, then I’d have it on MINE ARM, which would amuse me because, uh, I’m easily amused.

Ahem. Anyway…check it out:

Lorikeet Front

That’s the front, with the little lacy bit. (It looks better when I put it over my hand, but I’m not coordinated enough to do that AND take a picture.) (I tried. It didn’t work.)

Lorikeet Back

And there’s the back – plain knitting.

Now, my girls each have different tastes when it comes to clothes. Eldest tends to favor dark, rich colors and somewhat classic styles. Danger Mouse is an anything-goes layering specialist – she often looks like she’s going for the Japanese street fashion look (warning: picture-heavy site). And Boo Bug loves anything with flowers, and bright colors.

So last night while I was knitting and watching the news, Eldest hung over the back of my chair regarding the socks with what might be called great skepticism. Boo Bug was swooning on the sofa, and Danger Mouse was curled up glassy-eyed in the other chair waiting for the news to finally, finally! be over so we could switch to something good.

I finally asked for it what Eldest thought of them.

“Well, I really like the colors,” she said diplomatically. {long pause} “I’m just not sure about it being socks.” {another long pause} “It’s a very bright sock, isn’t it?”

“That’s kind of the point of this yarn,” I advised her loftily.

She grimaced, shrugged and said, “Well, I wouldn’t wear them.”

“I would!” Danger Mouse chirped up.

“Me too!” Boo Bug announced.

“That’s three against one, Eldest,” I said smugly.

“Ya, but Daddy wouldn’t wear them, and neither would Captain Adventure,” she shot back. “So you’ve actually only got…uh {a look of extreme concentration flitted across her little face}…fifty percent approval on them!”

And then I died laughing, the end.


Anonymous said...

Most days 50% is a VERY good showing in any family vote. Thanks for showing this knit up, I was wondering what it would look like. My husband might get a pair for his birthday - he LIKES a "very bright sock".

Unknown said...

i just love me some brilliant, witty children! ~~jo

Steph B said...

She is her mother's daughter, no?

Threeundertwo said...

LOL at the math.

I love the colors!