Thursday, April 23, 2009

At last, a Finished Something!

I was starting to wonder if I had a terminal case of never-finish-nothin-itis or something. I’ve got more projects on needles right now (and less, erm, determination to finish them) than what passes for Usual around here…which is sad and lame and also I may just have to open my own yarn store just so I can pretend all those #6 circular needles aren’t just for me.

But then somehow, mysteriously, after several weepy declarations that I was never, no, NEVER! going to finish the @*^&@ing border on this unspeakable shawl and why did I decide to do this and gah, if I have to start a THIRD skein for just this WEE BIT OF I-CORD {threat trails off because honestly I can’t think of anything suitable}…it was finished.

Finished Peace Shawl

The Peace Shawl, by Evelyn A. Clark.

Once again, Ms. Clark has put out a pattern I found pleasantly engaging – it didn’t make me cry (much), but it also kept me awake.

The only complaint I have is probably my fault entirely because I am not only using gray yarn, but gray alpaca yarn (KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in Smoke Heather): The ‘PEACE’ banner lace doesn’t show up very well. See?


If you look at it closely you can totally see it…but with the slight fuzziness of the yarn plus the gray color, eh. Next time I’d go with something like what she actually used, the dark blue Zephyr.

But I love the trees and dancing people around the bottom – they came out fantastic!

Tree Huggers

It took two skeins of the aforementioned Alpaca Cloud , and it took all but a wee tiny little button of the second skein.

In other finished items news…I have been a hand-dyeing crazy person this week. In addition to a whack of solids (green, lavender, orange, yellow [which I think I’m going to use as a base to try some microwave-enabled painting] [research, people – vital research], a pink that will knock you right over, a red that I thought would never rinse fully and a really light sky blue), I’ve been playing working very hard indeed with a paint brush (and other assorted toys tools).

Here’s some of it:

Orange Yellow Sprekled

Blue drops

Tropical Smoosh


Moods of blue

Ahem. Yes. Etsy shop, coming right up. I already have too much yarn around the Den, and frankly if I don’t start selling some of this stuff my husband is going to start thinking that all this very hard work indeed is actually some kind of goofing off and playing with yarn.

*harrumph!* The very idea…a (allegedly) grown woman, playing with yarn


Science PhD Mom said...

Beautiful shawl! I would never have the patience for it (says the woman who started a simple sweater vest over a year ago and STILL! has not finished it). And who says you can't play with yarn and still (eventually) make some money from it? Huh, huh, huh? I believe that's called a passion, people. It's a good thing. ;)

Cimorine said...

OMGosh! Is that first skein for sale????

I LOVE the shawl! how wonderful! Gave you peace of mind when it was done, did it now?

:) glad it's done. I envy you. I'm still avoiding my shetland lace like the plague

Tola said...

awwwww, i cant see any pictures! i guess i have to use my imagination.

Steph B said...

Beautiful! I seem to have start-but-never-finishitis right now myself. For example, I set up my Etsy shop ages ago, but is there anything in it? Um, no. There is not. Gee, do you think that could be why I'm not raking in the cash? Sigh... Make you a deal: you set up yours, I'll fill up mine, and maybe we can do some trading, eh? :-) (I do have some optimist-like qualities at times!)