Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sticks and string

Well, I bought a new battery charger for the camera (sigh), and hey! It worked!

So, without further adieu ado…(does anybody but me find it funny that I would Freudian ‘adieu’ instead of ‘ado’?):

The Sweater


This is the Dale of Norway Lillehammer. I finished the one sleeve and cast on the next one; I just finished the ribbing for the cuff on that one and am about to start the color splash at the bottom. I have forgiven the sweater for not speaking up sooner when I was doing the increases wrong, and it has forgiven me for being so childish.

The Socks

I always have a pair of socks in my purse, to whip out whenever I have to sit around waiting for something. These just got finished last week:

Claudia Circus Socks

They are your basic stockinette sock in Claudia superwash, ‘Circus’ colorway. They are very bright and happy, and I like them a lot.

I’m tearing out the Girlie Girl socks in the Schaefer Anne. I’m just not feeling the love for the look – that yarn wants to be knit on smaller needles. Instead, I think I’m going to try (warning! This will open a PDF of the pattern!!) Dublin Bay Socks, which pattern was pointed out by Bells Knits. Not only do I like the look, but the lace pattern is extremely simple. This is important for those of us who are highly distracted most of the time.

The Shawl

I joined a (somewhat) local Prayer Shawl group, and have dutifully cast on a shawl.

Stora Dimun shawl

Eventually, it will be the Stora Dimun shawl from Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Shawls. At the moment, however, it is just a big purple squiggle. This is one of those shawls that hits you hard at first (“cast on 449 stitches, loosely”), but gets faster and faster as you go due to decreasing eight stitches every right-side row.

This is Good Old Red Heart, in a really vibrant purple. Machine wash and dry, no special care required.

So, there you go. Pictorial proof that knitting is still happening in the Den. Although not at the rate I'd like, frankly - life has gotten waaaaaay too busy lately. I hate these 'busy' cycles. In the car! Out of the car! Back in the car! Drive here! Drive there! Pick up this! Drop off that! Lessons! Field trips! Doctor's appointments! ARGH!!!

Oh well. Eventually, it will settle down and we'll be complaining about how boooooored we are...


Jeanne said...

The... the sweater... *gasp*... it's... glowing! It shimmers! It's so intense, the pattern—WOW. Beautiful job there. Wow.

Anonymous said...

With all you have going on, I would never have guessed you were working on a sweater like that! Amazingly gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sweater!

OT - We just made the bread you posted the recipe for. FAB-U-LOUS!


Anonymous said...


*bows head and briefly considers sacrificing all knitting paraphernalia to the mighty Knitting Goddess, Mother of Chaos*

*decides to keep knitting in vain hopes of someday attaining such knitterly perfection*

Just looking at that sweater makes my eyes cross - I can't even imagine knitting it. You are amazing.

MadMad said...

I'm in one of those "busy" cycles, unfortunately... I was just today longing for the "olden days," when I got to watch Oprah. Isn't that sad? In any case, you are productive even in your busy-ness - I can't believe all you've done! And that sweater is absolutely stunning!

Science PhD Mom said...

Beautiful!! LOVE the Pacific shawl too!!

Someday I will knit *a* sweater. DH is patiently waiting for my first attempt. I'm on row eight, of what feels like a gazillion. I'm saying in 2010 I will have that puppy done...yep-per, speed knitting right here, get your popcorn...

HDW said...

OMgood gravy!! That sweater is incredible!!! That is the one thing that intimidates me and taunts me all at once......any kind of multi color work project positively daunts me!!!! It is beautiful!!!

Amy Lane said...

Wow. I cannot believe you're working on that breathtaking sweater and then whipping out the ol' Red heart in purple...

Hats off and everything!!!