Thursday, November 08, 2007


Ohmygawd ohmygawd ohmygawd ohmygawd! I just cleared out my email inbox!!

Lest you think this a piddly task – I had 0 messages in my trash when I started, and now I have 531 in there.

{rubs hands together briskly, looking very pleased with herself}

Of course, I’ve taken care of almost no actual business yet, so I supposed my self-congratulations are a tad premature. Also, y’all have been chatty again! I’ve got over 400 unread posts on my fav blogs…sigh…oh well, I did feel like I had Accomplished Something this morning…

IN OTHER NEWS, there are two (2) different sets of contractors in my bedroom right now! The tile is being laid in the bathroom AND California Closets is finishing the installation of our ‘solutions’. I already love it (and am sure it will be one of those ‘uhhhhhh…what were they thinking?...’ things when we go to sell eventually). It is massive. Storage space! Storage space soaring all the way up the wall! Cubbies! Drawers! Cabinets!!


I also bought new bedding yesterday, because the stuff I bought eight years ago had holes in it because apparently you can’t wash sheets weekly for eight years and expect them to still look new, who knew? I am sparing no expense on this remodel.

You know what I didn’t realize? I did not realize that so few comforters / duvets were dry clean only.

I am religious about very few things, house-keeping-wise. I consider most things to be more guidelines than rules. I wash the kitchen floor whenever it bugs me, and sanitize the door handles, uh, well, when someone gets sick. Or when I notice that they seem bigger and upon inspection discover that someone has completely encased them in Play-Doh or something.

But when it comes to bedding, you may call me the Clean Freak. Sheets must be changed weekly. They must be washed on ‘sanitize’. Comforters, duvets and pillows are washed every six weeks; occasionally I might let our parental one go to three months, but the kids’ stuff I wash with all the zeal of the recently converted.

I can’t imagine having to take it all to the dry cleaners.

Which of course means that I wouldn’t. It would just continue to gather dust, dirt, snot, dandruff and $DEITY only knows what-all else, day after day, weeks into months.


I’m probably just being weird(er than usual). I know normal people don’t wash their whole bedding sets as often as I do; I know that the usual recommended period is every six months to a year. Which amazes me and also makes me wonder: Do average people’s kids not produce snot and, uh, other stuff at night? Because if I didn’t wash their comforters more often than that, they’d crackle when moved, if you catch my drift.


I am so close to being able to put my life back together. I know that people go much longer with much more madness; shoot, we lived for years without a dresser or bookshelves or home office areas.

But that was then. This is now. And right now, it is causing me to forget things, or mis-remember them (thought a 10:00 appointment was at 1:00, or thought I had paid a bill when I hadn’t). I’m also very tired of shopping for clean clothing on my dining room table, thank you very much.

So close. Just another few days, and I should be able to start getting things back where they belong. Or, in many cases, into a place where they belong – something they’ve never had before.

Everybody wants to belong.

Even random paperwork and stitch markers.


Anonymous said...

We're suppose to sanitize the door knobs? Crikey.

My laundry has been living on the dining room table for months now. And I don't even have a remodel as an excuse!

I don't think you CAN have too much storage space. Whenever we go househunting I'm always amazed by those show-home remodelled houses which have not been lived in since professionally remodelled - they have no storage so the rooms look bigger! Where are you supposed to keep your handbag collection and the thousands toys?

Anonymous said...

My thought exactly, sanitize door knobs?

I have feather duvets with covers. I can just strip the cover off and throw it in the wash. I think you can even wash the feathers if needed.

Amy Lane said...

there there, Tama, the stitch markers will resurface eventually...

Anonymous said...

Dry cleaning? What's that? If it can't go in the washer, it doesn't come home with me.

Storage is a beautiful thing. Our last house was seriously lacking in storage space, so I am completely infatuated with the umpteen closets I now call mine. You'll love yours too. It is SO nice to actually have places for all your odds and ends!