Sunday, September 23, 2007

I haz been bad

This was “my” weekend, you know, the every-other-month-I-don’t-gotta-deal-with-no-children weekend, right? It arrived not a moment too soon, because I was on a collision course with the train of Crazy.

So I went camping! Which conjures up all kinds of rugged images, don’t it? Yes, just Woman v. Nature, roughing it! Out there! In the wilderness! With only my WITS to protect me!!!!

Yeah, well, wits…and 24 hour security patrols…and hot showers…and a ‘kamping kitchen’…and a full-stocked onsite store in case I forgot anything…and a food court in case I couldn’t get my camping stove working…yeah, I was at a KOA.

So there I was, camping near the beach, having a wonderful !and also cheap! weekend. Because camping, even with all the luxuries of the KOA (and this is a particularly nice KOA – Manchester Beach, check them out if you’re heading to the Mendocino area – they’re about 30 miles south of Mendocino itself and you save big $$$ by being in a less precious area), is less expensive than a hotel room. And if you stick to the campsite and don’t head into town for meals and such, well. It’s positively downright inexpensive.

Sunday morning, I packed up all my stuff and headed toward home. Congratulating myself, by the way, because this trip had to be the absolute cheapest trip EVER. I had been soooo good. I resisted everything from buying a burrito instead of eating what I’d brought to loading up my weekend with fun (but expensive, and stressful) “events”.

Time to head home!

By way of Mendocino!

Where the Mendocino Yarn Shop is!

I thought I was safe because it is a Sunday. Sunday, the Holy Day of No Yarn P0rn, during which yarn stores are closed so that we may meditate on our eternal salvation – lead me not into hoarding, for that way lies madness…

But purely for the sake of science, I decided to glance in the windows to see what kind of yarn store this was. You know, so that I could report back if anyone were to ask. “Oh yes, I saw that they had a bunch of {whatever}, but they were closed, it being Sunday and all…”

They were technically not open until 11; but I walked up at 10:15 and they said, “C’mon in!” and I said don’t mind if I do and well, there was a birthday sale for the owner (who is a doll) (curse her) and…well…

I haz been baaaaaaaad.



Behold…the yarn p0rn…and on a Sunday! …I am so ashamed…

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Nashua Handknits 75% wool / 25% alpaca, in a beautiful aubergine. This is divinely soft, with a great blend of “sturdy” from the wool and “soft” from the alpaca.

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A bag of Needful Yarns London Tweed (95% wool / 5% viscose), in a passionate red tweed.

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Five balls of Rowan Tapestry (70% wool / 30% soybean protein fiber), misty gray variegated.

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Two bags (what? don’t look at me like that, there’s only five balls per bag) of Classic Elite Skye Tweed, 100% wool in a brown tweed (duh, ya think it might be ‘tweed’, considering it’s called “Skye TWEED”?)

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I have no idea why I felt the need to buy four balls of sock yarn. Maybe it was because about the first thing I did at the beach was get soaked to my knees by a rogue wave (unintentionally, and while wearing the only pair of shoes I brought because I am a dunce) and all my socks were damp and subconsciously I was thinking, “I need more wool socks.” Anyway – here are two pairs of good wool socks, some assembly required.

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Books were also on sale. These are two that I’ve circled like a vulture for a while but always ended up walking away from: Knitting Over the Edge, and The Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book. Now I own them, and don’t need to worry about them getting away like some other knitting books have done.

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And this…this is just plain random. This is one crummy ball of Trendsetter Tonalita. I think it was the sudden splash of fuchsia that did me in. Otherwise this is a very plain and sensible “autumn” kind of colorway – and then there is this big old splash of fuchsia. Everywhere I drove up and down the coast this weekend, there were these little splashes of that same color. I have no idea what flower it was (some kind of lily?), but they were beautiful, surprising !very! !bright! !pink! gems.

I saw that same splash in this yarn and grabbed the ball off the shelf like a starving person seizing the last loaf of bread off the shelf.

Sooooo, the weekend went from being Super Cheap to Super Not So Cheap…but there are a lot of hours of knitting pleasure in there, so I’m not sad. I also console myself with the (insane) idea that Christmas is coming, and that I could so totally make groovy things out of all of this for Christmas presents, thereby turning what might be perceived by the uninformed as a ‘wild-eyed random yarn purchase’ into a ‘proactive holiday purchasing event’.

Really, I ought to go into marketing, don’t you think?


PipneyJane said...

Yarn! Yummy!!!!

What colorway did you buy of the sock yarn? I'm waiting for 2 balls of Regia's Crazy Colours 6 Ply, in "Passion" to arrive. Given my recent form on buying sock yarn off websites*, I'm hoping it's the same colorway as yours (and, therefore, the one I actually wanted).

- Pam

* If you look at the photos of Opal yarn on my latest blog rant, both the blue and the honey-beige were bought on the mistaken assumption they were shades of white/very pale. That's how they looked on the website. How wrong was I?

Kate said...

oooh - that is a nice yarn shop! We stopped there a few weeks ago when we were road-tripping. Such a great selection and just the right amount of customer service - no hovering or disappearing

Anna said...

Yes, I have discovered that there is no such thing as a reconnaissance mission to a yarn store. I always take prisoners!

Saturday I stopped by my LYS to look for ideas to do a reader's wrap in. Came out with 2 more hanks of the same Manos de Uruguay I bought last spring. Had to put down some sock yarn and a couple of hooks.


Anonymous said...

You need to institute the Yarn Harlot's method of validating yarn purchases - it's not "crafting" or whatever, it's entertainment! If you break the cost of the yarn into number of hours of enjoyment knitting it up, it's some of the cheapest (legal) fun there is going. That red is calling my name, by the way.

amy said...

Oh, my gosh, that might be the biggest spontaneous haul I've ever seen documented. You go, girl. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Yes, marketing is definitely your calling. I am just so glad a camera doesn't follow me around when I fall down in a big way like you did. That way, when I get home, I can pretend it did'nt happen, no pictures, no purchases. In my field (nursing) they say "if it wasnt documented, it wasn't done". I apply this phrase to knitting purchases as well.

MadMad said...

Whoa! You weren't just bad, woman; you were really, really bad! But then again, if I had to go camping, I think I'd have to buy myself a whole lot of yarn to make up for it. Even "nice" camping! (I really, really don't like camping. I'd almost rather be home with my kids, that's how badly I don't like it.) But I do love all your new yarn!

Anonymous said...

Who do I have to call to book my weekend away from my kids?!?

I always spend a great deal more on everything when I am alone and can actually precoss a full thought.

Knit on

RM Kahn said...

OMG, that purple yarn is sooo beautiful! You make me wish I could knit. I bought a latch hook rug kit 2 months ago and it is still sitting in the box. Sigh. I am glad to hear you got away for a couple of days. I was about ready to drive down your way and do an intervention and drag you off to relax somewhere.

Amy Lane said...

oooo...did widdle diddums have a falling down accident wid 'er cwedit card? Poor, poor, widdle diddums...

Nice haul, Tama--and really, what better way to cap of your peace of mind:-)

Amy Lane said...

oooo...did widdle diddums have a falling down accident wid 'er cwedit card? Poor, poor, widdle diddums...

Nice haul, Tama--and really, what better way to cap of your peace of mind:-)