Monday, September 24, 2007

And now it is tomorrow

Today went about as well as could be expected, which is not all that great, but we all made it through in one piece so whoopee and pass the chocolate.

Every Monday, as I believe I have ranted (at great length) before, is an ‘early release day’ for our particular school. Some schools have these on Wednesday. Some on Friday. We drew Monday.

On the one hand, I’m glad it’s only one day a week, and the SAME day every week. Because if they moved this around on me, I’d be doomed. On the other, well, guess what day was chosen as the best day for Captain Adventure’s speech therapy? Oh yes. Monday.

And yes. I was thrown out of the room today. In the nicest way possible, of course. But while his therapist was trying to get him settled, he kept coming over to me in the corner, taking me by the hand and dragging me back over to them.

“Oh, heh heh, I was gone this weekend, he’s slightly more clingy than usual,” I announced.

“Oh! Well, you know what, let’s just have you go ahead and leave then!” she replied brightly. So I gathered my things, gave him a peck on the noggin and went into exile in the waiting area.

Captain Adventure did fine. Me, I was freaked out. I spent the first few minutes listening intently to see if I could hear wild screaming or other sounds of distress. Nothing. Eventually I sat down and behaved myself until she threw open the door, and he barely acknowledged my return. Granted, there were stickers happening, and choosing a sticker is a heady matter not to be interfered with by silly stuff like your mother returning from whatever mysterious place she vanished off to without a trace.

He did actually talk to her (a little) (at least, enough to get a goldfish ‘cwak-quer’), and apparently treated my disappearance as big old “so what”.

Honestly. You just never know, ya know? Sometimes, I can’t even go to the danged bathroom here in our very own house without the final scene from Gone With the Wind being replayed on the other side of the door (“Mommy! Mommy! Whatever shall I do?! {swoon!}”). Other times, I leave him with a relative stranger in a relatively strange place and completely leave the room, perhaps for a trip to Mars, and he’s all like, “Whatever, woman – bring cwak-quers when you come back, eh?”

But it is encouraging, too. I'm already delighted that we haven't had a repeat of the extreme anxiety he had after my trip to Arizona a few months ago, and having him willing to let me just walk on out of the room the day after I got back from another weekend away is marvelous. He's making huge strides, for such a little guy.

Now if I can just get over MY separation anxiety, we'll be golden...


Anonymous said...

Right with ya...about the time I think the kids are going to freak out about something, they're totally nonchalant, and I'm the one with the big dose of crazy going on. Never fails. God forbid they should be predictable.

Amy Lane said...

Yeah--my first worry is that as soon as the kid learns to talk, he/she will dish dirt on the woman who spawned him/her, and then I'll be doomed.

Science PhD Mom said...

Great job Captain Adventure! See, he knows how to keep it mixed up on you. ;) He will keep surprising you--the next thing you know he'll be singing his favorite song from the radio to shock you. Hang in there!