Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Left, left, LEFT at Albuquerque

I have officially gone around the bend. Shoulda turned left at Albuquerque, but instead went forward and ended up in Loonyville. Today, after going to the Dollar Store and WalMart to purchase all the assorted whatnots Eldest and Danger Mouse need to start school tomorrow, I go to the school to discover which classroom Eldest will be in – unlike Kindergarten, there is no warm-fuzzy-meet-your-teacher deal here. Nope. The room assignments were only posted Saturday. You get what you get, suck it up and walk it off.

So I park. I walk up to the office. I zero in on the classroom assignments posted on the office window.

Now, this is a year round school. There are four tracks: red, blue, green and yellow. Eldest and Danger Mouse are on green track. So I go to the green track postings, scan my eyeballs over the columns until I find ‘3rd grade’ and begin looking for Eldest’s name.

Hmm. No Eldest. Neither 3rd grade class has an Eldest in it. Hmmm…oh, no way, they did not switch her over to blue track or something…?

So I go to the blue track, scan for 3rd grade, scan for Eldest. Nothing. Yellow track, nothing. Red track, nothing.

Dear God. Eldest is not on any class roster?! B-b-b-b-b-b-b-but…they told me I didn’t need to do anything, they told me that unless I wanted to change tracks or schools I just brought her back next year and it was all good, she’d just advance her grade and so forth and if I was supposed to do anything well, it was news to me!

Thoroughly freaking out, I checked twice. I checked a third ti-

Um. Third grade?

Uh…let’s try…second grade – ah! There she is! Room XYZ. Hokay.

I laughed so hard at myself I just about couldn’t drive. Ain’t it just typical? Half the time I’m grousing that their childhood is zipping past too fast, the other half I’m trying to advance them an entire year in an instant’s time.

On a (sorta) related note: Eldest was with my Gran over this long weekend, and Danger Mouse with my mom. They all returned home safe and sound this morning – and the holes were patched. Funny how I can spend a week muttering that I just can’t wait until Grandma shows up to take {kid’s name here} outta here for a damned minute…then spend the entire time they’re gone missing them and worrying about whether they’re having a good time and…


PipneyJane said...

What do you mean by "year round school" Tama?

- Pam, puzzled.

PS: How's the wrists?

Mother of Chaos said...

Year round goes year round - instead of having one three month break over the summer, they have three one month breaks. Green track is off September, January and May.

My wrists are irritating me. I have no patience with such things. NONE. But I think they're happier with the warmer, dryer weather we've been having lately.

Heh - now I'm totally picturing myself doing the weather-predicting thing. "I'm telling you, there's a storm a-brewin! I can feel it in my corns!!"

Myownigloo said...

About that weather predicting: It's not like whirled peas. It will happen whether you visualize it or not.

Jeff Hartzer's Weblog said...

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Enjoyed our visit to your den!