Wednesday, June 08, 2005


OK, fair warning: this is another poop story. Or, as I like to refer to such stories, ‘birth control via oral tradition.’ (Although, this being written down as opposed to told live in person, I suppose it would have to be ‘birth control via essay’.)

So this morning, Bacon Bit got up early and had a nice long snuggle while he sucked down that first bottle of the morning. We then proceeded to the playing part of the morning. He climbed up onto me, throwing his chubby little arms around my neck and planting a great bit drooly kiss (which was actually an attempt to bite me, headed off at the pass because I’m on to him by now) on my chin. Laughing and shrieking, he bounced up and down, crawling to his toys and back again with enviable energy.

Suddenly, he went as still as stone. His face turned very serious, as though he were pondering a matter of tremendous philosophical importance. And then…{fwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!} Followed by his absolutely top-drawer cutest grin, which clearly asks of all who see it, “Aren’t I just the most adorablest thing ever?!”

Oh my. Yup, that would be a full diaper. Whew! Just call him Mr. Sulfur! Phew!! Stinky Boy. Right, that’s going to need changing – STAT!

So I carried his squirming, shrieking, laughing self into the laundry room to attend to the business.

He’s lying there on the changing pad giggling, clapping his hands and chatting me up (“Ba! Ba-ba! Ga! Da! Mmm-mmm-BAH!”), the image of happy, reasonably-calm infant.

But the instant I released the tabs of the diaper, he suddenly turned into Uber Squirmy Baby, flinging himself violently all over the changing pad, arms and legs flailing wildly.

“AH! Hey, knock it off! Ah! No, don’t put your hands down there!!! AH! Stop, stop, stop!!”

He got ‘it’ all over his little hands, his feet, his legs. He smeared it all over the changing pad, my washing machine, me, thank you very much, and even flicked a bit on the walls and ceiling of the laundry room.

Oh, ack.

And then, the instant I got all the poop off him (and his environment), he went back to lying peacefully on his back clapping his hands and staring at the lights in the ceiling while I put the clean diaper on him.


Aren’t they adorable, the little Poopsies?!


mapletree7 said...

How DO you get poop off a ceiling?

Myownigloo said...

I hope my next mom is just like you. Heh heh.