Thursday, May 12, 2005

Jump and Crash

So I updated my portfolio this morning shortly after the market opened - and the damned thing dropped by a thousand bucks!

What the hell...?! How could I have lost a thousand bucks between closing bell yesterday and open this morning? I ain't no day trader, I ain't no penny-stock-holder, I ain't got the kind of portfolio in either size or investments where a thousand bucks comes or goes in a single day!! (More's the pity...)

So I start trying to track down what the hell and, Dear God, one of my investments has tanked. I mean, it tanked! I mean, it dropped in value by almost half! What the...I's just...I don't...they hit earnings...they just got another juicy business partnership is good...earnings are good...growth is good...{hyperventilating}

So I'm staring at the chart and suddenly I notice this little triangle up at the top with the word "Splits" next to it.

Oh. Oh yeah. Stock split this morning. Yeah, I knew that, it was announced about forever ago. So, hahahaha, let's see, if I adjust for the split...

There we go, still down compared to last night but only by a hundred bucks. That's the level of waffle I'm used to, the plus-minus a hunnerd bucks waffle. This I can handle.


Yet another reason why I am so not cut out for the life of the day trader. I'd need a stockpile of nitrous pills and Alka-Seltzer that would bankrupt me before I even started...

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