Monday, April 04, 2005

Valuable bits of worthless information

This has just been added to the List of Stuff That Is Mildly Irksome: companies who confirm your order and assure you that it will arrive ‘shortly.’

‘Shortly’? What the heck does that mean? I just gave you eleven bucks to ship something that weighs about four ounces to me, and it will arrive ‘shortly’?


No no no no no no no. No.

I happen to know that the major carriers permit you to instantly let people know exactly when things will arrive. I know this because, as a very small-time Seller of Stuff on eBay, I use said technology. Shoot, even the USPS can do this.

‘Shortly’ my beeeeee-hind, folks. Gimmie a tracking number or something. Because otherwise? I’m gonna call you. Four, five, ten times a day.

You have been warned.

Don’t give me ‘shortly’. Give me something in days. Or preferably hours. I have a short attention sp-


Unknown said...

Then there's the "it will ship on or before next Thursday>' nonsense.

Excuse me? I'm ordering a replacement power supply for a frickin laptop. All someone needs to do is walk down an aisle, pull one off the shelf, put it in a box, and have UPS pick it up. And this takes a week>

That's what I get for buying a Hell Computer. :)

Myownigloo said...

Then there's QVC. I ordered four pair of earring studs to reward myself for the 20 pounds I'd lost. Estimated delivery date? Three weeks hence. I called Customer Service in disbelief. "Well, ma'am, you're in California and we're shipping all the way from (I forgot which state, Vermont?) the East Coast." So? So? UPS can do it 5 days. What's the problem? They're EAR RINGS. It's not like you're shipping me a locomotive car. By the time they arrived, I'd gained back two pounds and didn't deserve the earrings anymore.