Tuesday, February 25, 2014

lol, NO

JUST SO WE’RE CLEAR…there is absolutely no point to any of this.

I’m just rambling.

Because I am tired, and really should be taking a shower and going to bed. But instead, I’m writing rambling posts about absolutely nothing at all. Because this makes perfect sense in some alternate reality, I’m sure.

But I digress.

What I wanted to point out is that one of the definite downsides to This Thing I do where I have my hours shifted sharply back in order to better span the gap between our Charlotte (and other Points East) team coming online and our San Francisco team ambling in is that it is frequently rather hard for members of the San Francisco team to really get their arms around just how much earlier I got started.

Like, on average, most of the SF crew starts arriving at about 9:00 our time. But I’m usually starting around 9:30 Charlotte time – or 6:30 our-time.

And given that most days tend to go by in this very colorful blur of meetings and quick-questions and ermahgahd, it’s ON FIRE! moments (translation: what lunch hour?), I’m really ready to call it a day by 2:30-3:00.

Which coincidentally is when the Denizens are starting to need rides home from school and such. <= you see the beauty of this schedule now?

But, unsurprisingly, it is very hard for someone who started work at 9:00-ish to really comprehend that while they may not have started interacting with me until about then, I had already been working a good three hours before they arrived.

And thus am going to theoretically be leaving a good three hours before they do.

Using a little trick I like to call MATH, allow me to illustrate how this works.

6 a.m. + 8 hours = 14.

14:00 hours = 2:00 p.m.

Add 30 minutes for the lunch I theoretically took but probably didn’t, and by 2:30 my-time I’m done.

Now, you add to that the fact that we are currently up to our eyebrows in the project from hell – the project that has about 75% of the team two seconds from rage quitting pretty much 24/7 right now – and I’m not just ready to be done, I’m so done that I redefine the term done because I’m done to the point of SUPER done-ness I mean, really, like, DONE-done, signing off, sayōnara, cya, l8r, XOXOXO, BYE NOW.


If you don’t believe I’m leavin’, just count the days I’m gone, y’all.



No, wait. 

!! Done, exclamation point !!

Sooooooooo, if you’re going to start pinging me with ‘can I call you with a quick question’ at 2:35 – both of us knowing full well that the ‘quick’ question is going to take at least 45 minutes of back-n-forth, I’m going to be like this:


Which is pretty much what I did at 3:00 sharp this afternoon, and why I did not respond to the insistent pinging of instant messages about an hour and a half later, although I did make a mental note that the next time I leave my laptop up and running after being technically done for the day, I need to either sign out of that instant message application, or, turn the sound off on the laptop.

Because, Problem Solving: Yet another of my many skills.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

would you like to play?
Check this out:

Because knitting a full sized sweater in a month is fun! Honest!

Unknown said...

I am in a different part of IT and feel your pain! We've been holding weekly meetings at 7:30 P.M. Minnesota time to accommodate the new acquisition in Taiwan, 14 hours ahead of us. For your own self-defense and colleague training, YES, log out of instant chat when outside your hours!

PipneyJane said...

I know who you work for and it's not my employer, but I'd swear you worked for the same bunch of muppets I do, people who think nothing of organising calls at 10pm UK time because it's only lunchtime in Pasadena. (It'd be worse if we were on Central European Time, like some of our offices.)

One of my favourite colleagues is based in Tennessee. Dorothy starts work at 4am because she supports the UK.

My tips gleaned from colleagues:-

1) Always put your "office" hours on your Outlook signature.

2) Use your Out-of-Office religiously and ensure it quotes your hours. (Not sure if IM has that facility or not - plebs like me aren't allowed to use it here.)

I feel your pain.

- Pam (been known to put "It's the weekend. I've gone home. You should, too." on her Out-of-Office.)