Friday, September 20, 2013


I appear to have crafted a Shawl of Cat Summoning +10. Because the instant I started fidgeting it around on the bed to Officially Block…


They have now given it a thorough inspection, and report the following:

  1. The edging has very nice chewability; springy, and with just the right amount of wool:detergent flavoring
  2. It is delightfully soft and warm, perfect for hooking with a claw or two and dragging over oneself for a quick nap
  3. When dragged along the floor, it makes for a truly rousing game of keep-away with a sibling or servant
  4. This also causes the servants to make very interesting noises – kind of high and squeaky, with a pleasing note of panic
  5. HOWEVER, it appears to cause the servants to behave inappropriately at times
    1. FOR EXAMPLE, scooping the Royal Personage off the coveted item
    2. While spitting coarse phrases such as “git yer scaly backside OFFA that!”
    3. And then dumping the Royal Personage onto the floor in a most ignoble and inconvenient fashion
    4. FEH!

Of course, inspections are exhausting…

…yes, so very, very exhausting…

(…sigh…this is how they get away with this crap…look at that sweet little face!!)


Steph B said... know you don't mind that much! What cuties!

RobinH said...

Adorable. And the shawl is gorgeous! But a singularity? I always thought it was a chaos of cats. Maybe it's just in my house.

CeltChick said...

No, it's a chaos allright. I believe one must block in a room to which the felines have not got access -- shut the door, already! This is one of the reasons I don't "do" a lot of shawls; one of mine has long white hair, of which one alone on a garment can be see at 500 yards....I keep those lint-roller folks in business.