Thursday, February 21, 2013

And now, midair blogging!

Apparently in the years between 'the last time I flew' and 'now,' the human race has made a few evolutionary having Wifi available at 30,000 feet.

I just spent the last hour and a half playing Warcraft FROM THE PLANE.

I had to do it, just 'cause I COULD.

I'm on my way home from a business trip to Charlotte, NC; I think it was an excellent trip and am very pleased with how much I learned while I was there...and can't WAIT to get home. While four days can hardly be considered anything like an EPIC amount of time away from home, it was, juuuuust enough for the internal grumbling to start.

Shower not hot enough. Food not spicy enough. Food too spicy. Ran out of books to read. Wireless too slow. Stupid chair too 'bouncy.'

Etc, etc, etc.

Plus, of course, the eerie quiet; the inescapable feeling of having forgotten something that comes with being away from the family. The same constant noise I complain about when home becomes, in its absence, a feeling not unlike being watched, or that maybe you left your keys on the table at the restaurant.

Only, not so definite. Just a vague feeling of Amiss, the sense that not all is where it ought to be...and the slow, steady realization that what is out of place

It will be good to get home to my Chaos; to be made irritable by the noise and the mess, the constant mommy-mommy-mommy, the daily dose of nonsense and need.

Don't tell them I said so, because it would really wreck my cool, 'eh, whatever, you're-ok-I-guess' thing...but I surely have missed those Denizens of mine.

Yeah...I really kinda have...


Anonymous said...

I went back "home" while my mom was in the hospital to take care of my 4 younger siblings. Coming from a family of 9 kids, it was always noisy at the house, but I'd been away for a couple of years and used to quiet. After 2 days of constant noise, I wondered to myself if it was ok to start drinking at noon! But, I love coming from a large family, and miss those days of chaos.

CeltChick said...

I'm one of five sibs, it was always a three-ring circus at our house! Now my dear ol' Dad lives alone, and keeps the TV on the whole time he's at home--I guess it's for company (for him), but when I go to visit it just drives me batty. Funny, even my hubby's sibs are very much into the "quiet home" scene; they rarely turn on the tube except for the news & maybe a movie. There were seven sibs in DH's childhood home! I believe we all had our fill of rowdy.

Steph B said...

Aaaah, wish I'd known you were in Charlotte, I would've driven up and taken you to dinner! So close you were!
And I know what you mean....even though the noise and confusion and all drives me nuts sometimes, once I've been gone for a little bit I miss it. Even the eternally-hungry teenagers and not-quite-housetrained puppy.