Thursday, April 26, 2012

Never a dull moment...more's the pity...

OK, OK, I admit it: I was kind of looking forward to a protracted period of “puttering around.” With the job market still on the “meh” side overall, and with my last week (my first week of actually contacting people about job possibilities instead of merely thinking about doing so) ending with only one interview actually scheduled, I had even held a small celebration inside my head. Lookin’ good for a couple MONTHS of this sleeping-in, puttering-around, organizing-EVERYTHING thing, woot!

Someday, I expect that I will learn to never, ever do such things; to never congratulate myself on having pulled something / anything off, or decide that this will happen in just so a way…and certainly not to make any acknowledgement of seeming success, even in the silence of my own mind.

BECAUSE, well, y’all can probably guess what started happening, right?

I spent most of the day Friday loading a borrowed pickup truck with dirt and masonry; when I finally called it a day, I was feeling really yucky so I just sort of flopped…and didn’t notice that I had, I kid you not, fourteen missed calls.

FOURTEEN. And ten of them left voicemail messages that I didn’t return until Monday. Oops.

It has not gotten any better in the meantime. I have now come to a point where I have my phone set to silent and am simply not picking up calls from numbers I don’t recognize. My email is a scary place to visit.

I have had seven interviews already this week, and was actually happy that the one I had scheduled for today got cancelled yesterday. Sweet! A whole day to mull over what I already have on offer!!

(Or catch up on my blog reading. Either way.)

Just a hunch…but I strongly suspect I will be back to work rather quickly.

Which has me in this weird head-space where I’m torn between do nothing and do everything.

Part of me wants to have everything in the whole entire house cleaned / organized / purged / put away ASAP. Once I’m back to work, I know my available time for Such Things is going to return to being “sharply limited” again.

Part of me just wants to sit here knitting and watching stuff on Netflix all day. With occasional pauses to walk around the garden looking like I know what I’m doing, bake something, or play video games. Because I also know my time for that kind of thing is going to be even more limited and dammit…it feels pretty nice. I could get used to sleeping in, loafing around, and taking inclement weather as sign that God approves of the work I’ve already done, so I should go ahead and slack off now. (Thank you, God! Love you! Mean it!)

I’m 99% sure I know which thing I’m going to be taking. And I’m 99% sure that if I do take it, I’m going to find myself so fully absorbed in it that I’ll be right back where I was at the end of my work for MegaBank – having trouble disengaging from it at the end of the day, with saying, “That’s enough for this week, let’s pack it in and do something else now!”

It’s the database version of ‘one more row’ syndrome, really; I just wanna get this one more thing figured out, I just wanna get five seconds more shaved off this query, I just wanna fix this one last report.

…lemme just check that real quick…{three hours pass}

Well…at least I’m not bored, right? Which is good, because y’all know how I feel about being bored…and besides, when I am bored, I get dangerous, because I start coming up with all kinds of great ideas that will inevitably lead to shovels, hammers, rakes, wheelbarrows, lots of sweat and grime and other things that can only be called “fun” if you are playing the Opposite Game.

It’s going to be yet another interesting year around here, I suspect…


Ms. Packrat said...

You do need a moment to stop and smell the flowers ... or at least the well-tuned compost ....

Hester from Atlanta said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope your commute is not as long. A person needs sleep on a regular basis whether they want to admit to it or not. Best of Luck!!

Steph B said...

Hope you find something you really enjoy!

JustGail said...

It's great that you have offers lining up. It speaks well of your past work. And I too hope that the commute isn't like the last one.

What kind of training did you take to get into the database making/fixing world? Just wondering, sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't add some more tricks to my sachel.

JustGail said...

Wait - I'd best reword that about the commute. The fates may interpret "isn't like the last one" to be a worse commute. I hope the next commute is much kinder and doesn't require getting up at un-godly-early-dark o'clock. And work from home. And no working until dark o'clock at night.