Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Dudes. I’m just…have you ever had…and then you’re, like…I mean…you know…really?!

SO YESTERDAY, I was in the office – a place I was actually looking forward to being this week because I have an awful lot of favorite food places to hit up one last time, because WHO KNOWS IF MAYBE San Francisco is going to split off from the rest of California and sink into the SEA after I’ve left this job I have an awful lot of people I still need to either hand things to, explain things to, or both.

Because of course, that would come first, NAY, BE THE ONLY CONSIDERATION, REALLY! for me this week.

Gyros? Pffft, who cares…I am there for the team…(and if you need me, send a text or something because…eeeeeeyeah…totally at the gyros walk-up…)

Shortly after lunch, I started to develop a headache, which I attributed to falafel deprivation tension. Or possibly allergies, because my sinuses were acting out, too.

By 2:00, it was becoming all-consuming. I was having a terrible time thinking about anything other than my headache.

About the only thing bothering me more than the headache (which was definitely of the ‘sinus pressure’ variety) was this weird tickling in my throat. Stupid allergies…but I understand honey is some kind of Miracle Cure for allergies, and AS IT JUST SO HAPPENS, baklava has honey in it…(aside: see, this is why I have to keep myself on a short leash most of the time when it comes to Such Things…I could blow throw an astonishing amount of my paycheck on eating out, if I let myself…)

By the time I got home, my throat wasn’t “tickling,” it was “scratching.” Hmmmm…

My alarm went off this morning, and I was starting to think about doing something about that…and then I swallowed.

Apparently, I attempted to swallow a whale in my sleep last night. A whale wearing a sandpaper jacket.

And when I let out this groan of disbelief and anger, I woke up the headache.

Who called his friend, the fever.

Who invited the body ache over.

I mean…really?! REALLY?!

Right now?

This week?!



I ended up working from home today…which was probably a good thing, because every time I start trying to move around I get kind of blech.

If I’d gone in, I probably would have needed to leave early.

Like, before lunch.

Which would be a criminal waste of a rather long commute, because I still have a few eateries on my mental checklist of places I’d like to go one last time before I leave the City by the Bay for an undetermined stretch of time.

Not that I could right now anyway…sore throats and eating don’t exactly play nicely together.


I have to say: I do get a lot more done when I work from home.

Even if there isn’t any baklava in the joint.

(Seriously, can you believe this?! I’m going to get a humdinger of a cold/flu thing NOW?! REALLY?!?!)

(But I’ve got news for it: I’m one extremely stubborn little code-jockey over here. I am finishing these last couple things, and I will go into the office tomorrow and Friday, and that’s all there is to it!)

(…but, geez louise…I don’t think I’m going to be feeling like going out to lunch, is the thing…waaaaaah, my life is haaaaaard…!)


Elizabeth L in Apex, NC said...

Oh, no!! Feel better soon - and be sure to plan some actual downtime over the weekend to heal. (Not your version that includes weeding the back forty, playing parcheesi until midnight with the kids and walking the entire farmer's market in search of the perfect soup bone!)

PBear said...

Not sure your co-workers will appreciate your parting gift of a flu virus.... Perhaps you could go in on Monday for a luncheon with them instead? Then you could ALL enjoy it :-)

Hope you feel better soon!

RobinH said...

You're stressed, working long hours and grossly underslept. Who'd have thought that a flu virus would find this a great opportunity?! (Answer- anyone who thought about it.)

Hope you're feeling better soon!

ZT! said...

Feel better soon, because you CANNOT MISS the meeting at ArtFibers. Just no...

Colleen Mole said...

Umm, dude, doesn't your hubby still work in the City by the Bay? Make him bring you baklava! Its for your health after all!

Steph said...

Eeewwww.....feel better soon! And yeah, rest means "rest", not "only plow the back 39 instead of 40". Bizarre concept, I know, but try it sometime! :-)

PipneyJane said...

Hope you're feeling better by now. How did the last days go?

- Pam