Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Like, love, life

This morning as I groped in darkness around the kitchen, I made a CHILLING discovery: We were almost out of coffee.

{dramatic music!}

How could this have happened? Dear $Deity, HOW?!?!

There was just barely enough left for two scant travel mugs of liquid ambition...and it is my habit to make AND take two Contigos worth with me every day.  Which would have made this news of having enough for same a big sigh of relief EXCEPT that there is this SLIGHT wrinkle called "the husband will also want - nay, NEED - coffee this morning.

I waffled for a moment.

Then I left the second for the husband.

And I will now preserve my dignity and the sense of nobility around this by not giving the precise count of how many times I sort of wished I hadn't when my share ran out not only less than halfway to BART, but when I was arguably only a quarter awake.

And then I arrived at the office, marched into the Starbucks, grabbed a bag of coffee and presented my gift card.

And then they gave me a free peppermint mocha. Because they are my REAL, TRUE FRIENDS.

Plus I have a carrot muffin. And it has dried cherries it. And I just started a new sweater that will hopefully get a whack of bulky yarn out of my stash, thus making it look that much less crazy-alot.

So to sum up: I like ny coffee.

I (apparently) love my husband.

And life is good.


Steph B said...

You're a good woman. Tell Mr. Chaos that he's lucky to have you. :-)

PipneyJane said...


I feel your pain. I've replaced the damaged Contigo with 3 more.

What are you knitting?

- Pam

PS: My word verification is "kables". Hope your making something aran.

RobinH said...

Greater love hath no woman.

Fortunately for my marriage, my husband doesn't drink coffee. Mine, mine, all mine! (And he gives me the Starbucks cards he gets at work...)