Friday, July 17, 2009

Wait, was that blur a whole WEEK going by?!

I’ve had another one of those weeks. Almost every day had one “little” thing tucked into it that somehow managed to cause the entire 24-hour period to just…vanish.

Took Boo Bug for her well-child checkup. Poof! There went Monday! Trying to put in an order for some new merchandise took the lion’s share of Tuesday. Wednesday I managed to get a few items listed on Etsy.

Then there was the comedy of errors that was getting Homer the Odyssey’s air conditioning fixed…extremely long story short, it appears a rock or some other road hazard managed to puncture the compressor. As it turns out, getting this repaired for under $800 is pretty much impossible around here; and in an extremely rare turn of events, the dealer was actually the cheapest route.

I know. Next we’ll have dogs and cats living together, and possibly a man may become pregnant. Who knows? If a dealership service department can be offering the lowest price on anything, well, anything is possible out there…

That took up half of Thursday and about all of today.

I feel as though I’ve been running a marathon this week, and yet at the same time I feel as though I’ve got a net-zero on forward movement.

It’s weeks like these that cast a pleasant glow around the idea of simply cutting out of the Civilized World and living on some kind of self-sufficient farm in the middle of ten acres. No having to worry about appointments or meetings or deadlines. Things have to be done, sure, but not necessarily by no later than 4:00 this afternoon or else!

But then again, in that scenario, I would not have found a beautiful pair of earrings jammed improbably under the front passenger seat, which matched the shirt I was wearing perfectly.

Because I’m pretty sure that if I were living an entirely money-free self-sufficient life on a farm somewhere, I wouldn’t have bought the earrings in the first place. Or had a minivan to lose them in. And I certainly wouldn’t have been clearing it out before taking it to the shop so nobody would know the shameful truth of just how filthy and cluttered that vehicle can get, given a few days of inattention or one average road trip with all four Denizens aboard.

So, uh, the suburban Californian housewife, um, well. It has that going for it, right?

...yeah, no, um...I really don't know what "that" is, exactly...


Steph B said...

I know what you mean! Some weeks are just black holes - they suck everything in and leave you going "Huh?". Drives me crazy. Hopefully this next week will be a little slower for you.

knitinsage said...

when i win the lottery, i'm buying my dream car -- the latest odyssey.

so i have THAT going for me ;-)

Christi said...

Actually, I think there was already a guy that was pregnant. At least the checkout-line mags said it was a man. There may have been a technicality.

I'm just wondering how it's already freaking AUGUST this weekend. So much for buying a house this summer.