Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grrrrrrrr !!!!lace!!!! grrrrrrrr...

My knitting time has been next to nil lately. I’m working on a Little Project, which is consuming about 99.9% of my free time. And the shawl is one of those things that you don’t whip out during a few idle moments at the doctor’s office.

Oh no. It is one of those projects I don’t dare do even at home, sometimes. Like right now, for example. I am burnt out on the project and want to do something else. Saaaaaaay, I thought to myself. This would be a great night to spend working on the shawl!!

Yes. Except that it is lace knitting. With this thread-like yarn, I am expected to follow something that goes, like, K2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, yo, ssk, yo, ssk, yo, k1, yo, k2tog, yo, k2tog, yo, k2tog, yo, ksptlksjhg, ha, ha, ha, something about a martini…honey are these potatoes supposed to be...mommy! Can I color? Paint? Play-Doh? Run for Congress?


Was this supposed to be a…


{tink tink tink tink tink}

Still. I would like to show, you know, some actual progress when I take pictures of the blob shawl Friday. Which I’m planning to do.

If I can find the charger for the camera’s battery.


I am not having the most organized, ‘together’ week I’ve ever had, here…


froggiemeanie said...

We are living the same exact life (but mine has fewer children - you are my hero). My lace scarf has been two steps forward, one step back the whole way.

All of us stressed out mother knit bloggers should plan a retreat where there is yarn and needles and laughter and martinis but noooooo play doh or sticker books or "Mommy! Jin jus trew her bow of ce-we-o on da flooooo and you gots to clean it up nowww!". Wouldn't that be great.....sigh.

Anonymous said...

I keep just looking at lace scarf patterns and thinking "That is so pretty...I could do that...NOT!" My sister is getting married and I'd love to have a gorgeous lace something to wear, but considering that I'm having trouble maintaining a workable level of clean laundry for all of us right now, whipping up a little lace masterpiece just seems sort of - well - impossible. At least you're trying. I just dream.

Science PhD Mom said...

And then there is the lowest level of knitter, really still aspiring knitter, since DS always pulls out stitches or tangles my yarn balls when I'm distracted momentarily, or DD "helps" do some stitches (!!). Those of us in this camp are still struggling to complete a basic baby cap. You'll see me attempt lace when I'm, oh, about 90??