Wednesday, November 09, 2005

ACK! OCD Part II!!

Danger Mouse had some M&Ms the other night, a little Halloween-sized bag of them. She’s a candy-loving kind of kid. Sweet tooth – CHECK.

Anyway, so she’s eating those M&Ms about as fast as is humanly possible. And I’m doing other things. And she’s still eating them.

And then…

I looked over…

And she had six green M&Ms in front of her.

What are the chances, I asked myself, that my daughter just happened to end up with only green M&Ms?

“Danger Mouse, um, did you, uh, sort your M&Ms by color?” I asked carefully.

“Oh yes. I like to eat them by the colors.”


I have given my child my M&M OCD. I don’t even know how, because I don’t buy M&Ms in regular life, and thinking back can’t recall ever having eaten M&Ms in front of her. It isn’t that I can say I haven’t, but I can’t remember doing so.

In other words, this is not like the mommy monkey teaching her offspring to use a stick to fish termites out of a log for din-dins.

This is like some weird genetic knowledge my daughter has acquired.

Must. Eat. M&Ms. By. Color.

Every time I think they aren’t really my kids but are rather Mutant Aliens™ dropped here by the planet Zogworbhspblatt to observe human beings (namely the DH and myself) under conditions of severe stress, they do something like this, proving beyond a doubt there is, in fact, a true genetic link between us.


Very Herodotus said...

I have the opposite of M&M OCD. I *cannot bear* to have multiples of any color in my hand before I pop them into my mouth. I like an assortment of candy color, thank you very much!! Is there a name for my weirdness?

Myownigloo said...

Get over yourself. Everybody knows you're supposed to sort them before you eat them!

Now, if she additionally sorted them into geometric shapes like I do and ate them in order, then you'd have cause to worry.

21st Century Mom said...

You don't know from M&M OCD. Look very carefully at the cover of this book

That is what OCD looks like. I'm not sure where you get M&Ms in those colors but still....

Very Herodotus said...

Don't all M&Ms have the same geometric shape? I'm confused, MOI.

Myownigloo said...

Maybe I didn't articulate well. I didn't mean the individual M&Ms were of different geometric shapes. I meant you sort the candies into shapes.

Which geometric shapes you can make of them depends on how many you have of what color.

For instance: If you are , really, really lucky, you can have one red, two oranges, three yellows, four blues, and five greens and you can make a rainbow triangle!