Sunday, January 02, 2005


Welcome to the Den of Chaos. Pull up a chair – whoops, hang on a sec, lemme get that mac-n-cheez offa there for you first.

So, what am I doing here? Absolutely nothing of any real note. Seriously. If you’re looking for in-depth political commentary, financial planning, meaningful religious observations or serious advice on parenting, plant-growing (or anything else for that matter), it was nice seeing you, drop by again when you have some time to waste.

This is all about daily life here in the Den of Chaos, a realm of constant upheaval where any threat of monotony will be immediately destroyed by the unusual, wonderful or just plain bizarre. It is a lighthearted little break from the serious realities of managing to keep body and soul together in a world that sometimes seems dead-set against us. If you start seeing anything serious, any deep undercurrents or zen-master like blasts of wisdom…you’re probably sleep deprived. Seriously. Stop reading blogs and get a little more shut eye. And don’t argue with me. I’m a mom.

Let me introduce you to the Denizens.

There’s me, the Mother of Chaos. It’s all my fault. All of it. I’m a mom, musician, database analyst, writer, pennypincher extraordinaire (if I do say so myself), knitter, and general observer of the amusing side of life.

Then there’s my Darling Husband, hereinafter referred to as ‘the DH’. He puts up with it. All of it. In addition to being a darned awesome husband and father, he’s also a musician, a talented database developer, a woodworker of no small talent and the resident expert at untying stubborn knots.

We have spawned four times. We’ve got three girls (at time of writing, ages 6, 4, 3) and one boy (5 months old). And before you ask, No, we didn’t just keep going until we got the All Important Can’t Live Without Boy. We’re just nuts and actually wanted four kids, regardless of gender. And yes, I did dissolve into tears of sheer joy upon learning I had a boy At Last.

So what kinds of stuff am I going to ramble on about? Frugality, harp playing, knitting, kid-rearing and mortgage-paying, the occasional rant and probably a few boring episodes wherein the children do cute, clever or disgusting things.

In fact, the very next thing in this blog is going to be about a Costco trip. Want to know what kind of writer I am? Scroll on up (down, sideways – I’m not sure which way it’s going to go yet, I’m new to the whole blogging thing) and check it out. Hope you enjoy your stay, and watch out for dropped toys on your way out.

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PipneyJane said...

Love the Blog. I was wondering why you'd gone all quiet.

- Pam